Terra Firma CD ~ Singing Crystal Bowls for Centering and Inner Peace


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Recorded live with over 48 large, low octave singing crystal bowls,
didgeridoos, gong, Native American flutes and ethnic percussion, this
recording is a Shamanic journey connecting your heart with the heart of
the Earth and the heart of the Creator.

The opening track,
Balance Point, calms, centers and moves the listener into a highly
meditative space. It is a chakra alignment with rich deeply resonate
singing bowls and ambient percussion which balances all your energy
centers and grounds you to the center of the Earth.

The following
four tracks align the listener with the elemental kingdoms,
revitalizing your physical body and assisting you to move more deeply
into inner peace and joy.

Listen Now (60 Second Samples):


of the Salamander


Gnomes Embrace

Musicians: Elivia
Melodey, Amrita Cottrell, Gaye
Unverferth, Devadattan, Patrick Pope and Alan Tower

Total Playing Time: 57:41 minutes

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With each album, Elivia takes us to new worlds of awareness and
healing. From the Galactic Center of her last album, Crystal Portal,
this entrancing new sonic doorway connects you to the magical worlds of
the Elemental kingdoms. This shamanic journey through crystal sound is
woven with didjeridu, world percussion, toning, Native American
Flutes, and of course the elementals themselves! Each time you listen,
new magical aspects present themselves on this live recording.

Firma is a co-creation, a healing gift from the Elemental Kingdoms and
Mother Earth, channeled through Elivia Melodey’s vision, with the
assistance of the gifted sonic mediums who joined her on this album. You
merge with the heart of Mother Earth and her guardians, for total
physical revitalization, energy attunement and clarity. Opening with a
chakra balancing from the top of your head to your earth star center
below your feet, you are deeply rooted and fully grounded. This sonic
transmission allows for total physical revitalization, energy
attunement and clarity.

As you move through the
album, the songs connect you with the elements of life supporting your
physical body. Water, fire, air, and earth is translated through the
sounds of 48 deeply resonate singing crystal bowls and so much more.
Exquisite healing music that supports body work, healing therapies,
meditation, stress release, centering, and inner peace.