Spiritualist medium, Rev. Elivia works with your Guides and Angels to give you detailed, accurate and reliable information. She has the ability to “tune into” a number of areas in the spirit realm as well as that rare ability to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side. You may choose to have a reading that touches on several of these areas or select a specific topic, such as a life reading.

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium? A psychic can draw information from your aura, which can provide knowledge about both current and future events, whereas a medium is the conduit between the physical world and the spirit world – in other words, the connection is made soul to soul.

Elivia encourages you to ask questions in return and experience an open channel of conversation with the spirit realm. So it’s best to come with a list of questions that you’d like to have clarity on.

A Conscious Trance Medium

Elivia works with your Spirit guides and angels to channel insights on your life and bring in resolution, more joy and peace of mind. In a reading, loved ones and who have passed over may come through to assist and give a higher perspective, along with your own personal guides and guardian angels. Elivia is able to contact whichever energies on the Spirit realm are most beneficial for the individual client to find peace and understanding.

Her Spirit Guides and angels work to assist you by shedding light on issues at hand and clearing past life and past emotional residue so you may move forward with ease.

A psychic reading with Elivia can assist us to embrace life fully, heal fear so that we feel more confident taking risks, and welcome ourselves and God back into our hearts. An ordained Spiritualist minister,

Reverend Elivia’s spiritual psychic counseling sessions are healing and helpful for body, mind and Spirit. As Spirit has no limitations, it makes no difference whether your reading is in person or over the phone.

A reading with Elivia can help you:

  • Communicate with Loved Ones who have crossed over.
  • Understand and heal past and present relationships, with those in your life now and with those who have passed over.
  • See clearly your life options and possibilities so you can choose the best path.
  • Know your life purpose and what you came here to do.
  • Connect with your Angels, Teachers and Guides and begin to develop your own intuitive abilities.
  • Work through and release old emotional blockages and attachments.
  • Discover past life connections to those in your life now.
  • As a Medical Intuitive Elivia can assist you with releasing physical issues.
  • As an Animal Communicator, Elivia can help you to understand your pets.

Disclaimer: Our futures are not set in stone and are subject to Free Will. How you move forward in your life is always dependant on the decisions you make based on the choices you are offered. All information given is advisory in nature. As a Spiritualist Minister, I can not prescribe for or diagnose any illness. My medical intuitive readings are not intended as a replacement for medical attention. If you are seeking mental health or medical advice, please see a physician.

Refund Policy: Refunds on services are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. I do not offer refunds on readings, workshops or for missed appointments. Exchanges are available on singing crystal bowls and products.