Elivia Melodey’s Crystal Vibrations Music has evolved since the first singing crystal bowl arrived in Elivia’s life. Others soon joined that first crystal bowl, and their sacred celestial music became popular as they resonated throughout church services and gatherings around the San Diego area. Now Elivia’s Crystal Vibrations Music holds concerts nationwide. Her instruments include over 45 singing crystal bowls, Celtic Harp, Symphony Gong, Hung, Hang, Buffalo, and Tung drum, Imbarimba, Freenotes, Balafon as well as chimes and ethnic percussion. As a musical intuitive, each of Elivia’s concerts is unique and is created for that event, time, and space.

She has presented her healing music singing crystal bowl concerts for churches of many denominations, for organizations, schools, hospitals, and hospice centers, at conferences, expos, 5 star destinations spas and resorts, for celebrations, weddings and rituals, as well as for a vast variety of wellness and healing centers.

Elivia with Singing Crystal Bowls
Elivia performing at Aware House

Crystal Vibrations Music was officially established in December of 2000 in conjunction with the recording and release of the first compact disk called, Celestial Memories. This music production was quickly followed by the release of three more compact disks, Journey to Wholeness (2002), and Crystal Portal (2004), and Terra Firma (2006).

Elivia playing at Angel Harps
Meditation concert
Elivia performing at Angel Harps

Crystal Vibrations Music is dedicated to playing the soothing, healing music of the spheres. Unique in sound and composition, the ensemble is dynamic. Many different instruments and performers participate. As the world changes and shifts, so does the composition of the ensemble and the music.

In the slide show, we would like to introduce you to the human performers who have assisted Elivia on her unique path of bringing sound healing and joy to others. Who you don’t see are all the individuals who have assisted with the music in so many ways. To all those who have opened up their homes and their hearts to this traveling musician and to all those who have supported the music and concerts over the years, deepest heartfelt gratitude is offered – Thank you!

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