Sound Healing Session

Sound and Energy Healing Sessions

Experience the powerful effects of vibrational healing as harmony is reestablished to all levels of your Being. A session will be tailored to fit your needs. As a Master Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Lightbody Practitioner and Spiritual Healer, Reverend Elivia uses channeled spiritual healing and crystalline sonic frequencies to clear, align and balance all conditions. Vibrational healing is really very simple, for those who offer themselves up as healers and know how to attune themselves to the correct frequencies necessary for wholeness. No one person ever heals another. Elivia acts as a channel to access the necessary healing energies for that individual. For any and all healing to be effective, the only requirement is a desire for healing and the ability to be open and receptive. Sessions may also include Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy, sound therapy, and crystal healing.

Offered in North County San Diego

Sound Attunements

Our bodies are vibrating fields of energy, governed by energy centers, called chakras. When those fields get out of balance the result is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual stress. The attunement begins with a tune up for the entire energy system using selected singing crystal bowls. After, a specific sequence of crystal bowls are selected and sounded individually or together to activate and align the body energy centers until all are harmonized and attuned. Clients may recline, sit or stand, depending on the individualized treatment necessary. Each client is different, so each session will vary. Toning, vowel sounds, rock energies, and other tools may be used to augment and enhance the healing energies.

Bagua Map - Space Clearing

The Bagua Map outlines the eight major areas of your life, which Space Clearing will directly affect. Cleansing, clearing, and energizing with a Crystal Singing Bowl Space Clearing will increase the flow of positive energy to these areas of your life.

Space Clearing and House Blessings with Crystal Sound

A Space Clearing Ceremony with Elivia Melodey is a wonderful gift to give to yourself, your home or your work space. Space clearing with singing crystal bowls is similar to house cleaning, except you’re cleansing and clearing energy instead of physical matter. The result is the same clean and fresh feeling that will bring with it optimism, increased vitality and a sense of sacred space. Elivia’s Crystal Sound Space Clearing Ceremony will cleanse almost all spaces. The unique crystal properties of her singing bowls will bring in even greater life supporting energies to all spaces, charging the air with negative ions and raising the vibratory frequency of that space.

An essential element of Feng Shui, the ancient art of knowing how energies circulate, is space clearing. No Feng Shui consultation takes place without this primary consideration. Otherwise you are simply moving things around in a thick soup of stagnant energy.

Energy, which is all around us, can get stagnant and thick, with a gummy, stuck feel to it over time. This can occur everywhere, however we notice it most in the home, office, and work space. This flat energy promotes stagnation, lethargy, dissatisfaction, and boredom. Stuck energy in spaces builds up, holding the vibration of whatever has occurred in that space. Space clearing should be done on a yearly basis for this reason, however it is especially helpful for releasing earthbound spirits or ghosts, entities, as well as negative past situations from illness, emotional conflicts, mental instabilities, and addictions.

Yin-YangWhenever you wish to bring change into your life, to birth new energy, sell or christen a new home, work space, or new property it is especially helpful to have a space clearing. Space clearing helps with manifesting more abundance and prosperity on all levels: financial, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It can increase the flow of money, love, ease, and joy. If you are seeking new opportunities and renewed energy in your personal or professional life, a space clearing will lift the energies in your environment to a higher level to set the wheels in motion to manifest. The Law of Vibration states that “Like Attracts Like.” When you have a Crystal Sound Space Clearing Ceremony performed, you literally are magnetizing this space to attract the highest possible energies to support you in all ways.


Space Clearing Singing Crystal Bowl

Space Clearing with singing crystal bowls brings renewed and balanced energy for manifesting more abundance, health and prosperity on all levels.

As a Spiritual Medium, Elivia is able to use her sensitivities to tune into the energy of your space, release what no longer supports you, cleanse and charge the energy, as well as set up a system for constant flow of beneficial energy.  As a Master Sound Healer with crystal singing bowls, Elivia is able to heal fragmented energies, release negative influences, and bring your space into congruence for optimum health and wellness. The specific frequencies of her quartz crystal and Alchemy singing crystal bowls along with bells, intention and specialized programmed crystals, make her sound clearing ceremonies so effective. After a Crystal Sound Space Clearing Ceremony you will feel renewed, energized, optimistic, and creative! Best of all there will be a positive flow of moving energy in your life.

This service is only offered to people in North San Diego County. To schedule a Space Clearing Session,