Space Clearing – House Blessings in the Greater San Diego Area



As a Spiritual Medium, Elivia is able
to use her sensitivities to tune into the energy of your space, release
what no longer supports you, cleanse and charge the energy, as well as
set up a system for constant flow of beneficial energy.  As a Master
Sound Healer with crystal singing bowls, Elivia is able to heal
fragmented energies, release negative influences, and bring your space
into congruence for optimum health and wellness.

The specific frequencies of her
quartz crystal and Alchemy singing crystal bowls along with bells,
intention and specialized programmed crystals, make her sound clearing
ceremonies so effective. After a Crystal Sound Space Clearing Ceremony
or House Blessings Ceremony, you will feel renewed, energized,
optimistic, and creative! Best of all there will be a positive flow of
moving energy in your life.

The cost listed is for North County, San Diego only.

Please contact Elivia if you are outside of this area. Fees are based on travel, time and size of space.