The Act of Power Wands open up a vast new energetic world for those using singing crystal bowls for healing and higher awareness. You are able to have thousands of new vibratory frequencies to send out with your crystal sound through the use of these powerful wands with their very specific rock and gem combinations.

Discover the unique wands and creations by our friends who created the first hand held bowl called “The Deva’s Gift.” Under spiritual guidance they also co-created the “Act of Power Wands.” These wands are designed to assist everyone. The “Act of Power Wands” announce their intent to stand in the world with unconditional love and respect for all. Crystal Vibrations is proud to bring you these wands that intensely affirm your choices. Keep them with you. They help you announce and accept who and what you are. All “Act of Power Wands” are five inches in length and are encased and sealed in strong, thick crystal. The “Act of Power Wands” vary in thickness depending on the stones inside. The stone, gem, and metal combinations were all respectfully created to support the evolving human lives now. The particular combinations have all come about as a result of listening to the Stone Spirits.

How to Use Act of Power Wands

Sonically: Each of the Act of Power Wands can be used with singing crystal bowls by inserting into the handle of the Big and Little Deva’s Gift. You may choose to wrap them in bubble wrap before insertion or fashion a foam plug with holes to hold your wands. This will dramatically shift and increase the energetic frequencies that you are able to create with your singing bowl with out the cost of purchasing Alchemy and Specialty singing crystal bowls. Your bowl will then send out these new frequencies when you play it.

Manifestation: Hold your wand while you envision and declare your chosen reality. Your stated desire in co-creation with the energy of the wand will attract this to you.
Shifting energy in Spaces: Place your wands around your environment in sacred spaces to cleanse and renew the energies of your car, home, or workplace.

Activate Affirmation: These wands will naturally amplify all of your intentions. Place them underneath your written affirmations to amplify and enhance these energies.

Ritual Use: These wands will bring in their energies to support ritual.

Sleep: Place near your bed for healing purposes and to enhance dreamtime.

Healing Sessions: have clients hold them or place on the body during healing sessions.

Planetary Act of Power Wands

Chiron CH (Russian Phenakite, Purple Fluorite, Celestite, Madagascar Phenakite)  Energies: Initiation, service, the Earth Mother, core wounds, healing.

Earth EA (Australian Jasper, Petalite, Fushcite) Energies:  Experience, learning, practicality, structure.

Full Moon FM (Shell, Danburite, Ajoite) Energies: Full expression of emotions.

Jupiter JU (Cuprite/Calcite, Hematite, Sodalite) Energies:  Rewards, abundance, philosophy, beliefs, joy.

Lunar Eclipse LE (Apache Tear, Emerald, Selenite) Energies:  Specific emotional lessons.

Lunar Nodes LN (Crystal, Bloodstone, Aventurine) Energies:  What you bring to your life, emotionally, and how you are evolving next, emotionally.

Mars MA (Obsidian, Carnelian, Green Calcite) Energies:  Courage, initiative, action, desire.

Mercury ME (Rutile, Apatite, Tibetan Quartz) Energies:  All mental processes, short journeys.

Moon MO (Silver, Moonstone) Energies:  All emotional processes, home/family/mother.

Neptune NE (Smithsonite, Rose Quartz, Larimar, Amethyst) Energies:  Spirit, union, faith, inspiration.

New Moon NM (Hemimorphite, Epidote, Tourmaline) Energies:  New beginnings. Time to plant seeds.

Noonday Sun NS (Vanadinite, Sulphur, Zincite) Energies:  Full expression of creativity , dreams.

Pluto PL (Rutile, Wolframite, Sunstone, Amblygonite) Energies:  Life/death, fear, rebirth, power, sex.

Rising Sun RS (Pyrite, Calcite) Energies:  New expression of creativity , dreams and life.

Saturn SA (Amber, Citrine, Peridot, Clear Zincite) Energies:  Responsibility, authority, creating from what you have been given.

Sedna SD (Galena, Rubellite, Fluorite, Kunzite) Energies:  Hope, inspiration, and acting upon both.

Setting Sun SS (Hawkseye Velvet Tourmaline, Golden Topaz) Energies:  Integrating intuition/stillness with logic/movement.

Solar Eclipse SE (Kyanite, Labradorite, Lapis)  Energies:  Focusing on the lessons of certain cycles.

Sun SU (Sunstone, Gold, Copper) Energies:  Creativity, expressing passion, drama, heart.

Trans-Pluto TP (Smokey Quartz, Pietersite, Rhodochrosite, Argentina Meteorite) Energies:  Courage to face your reality.

Uranus UR  (Iolite, White Moldavite) Energies:  Freedom, profound change, future, individuality, equal respect for all.

Venus VE (Rhodochrosite, Herkimer Diamond, Praseodymium) Energies:  Love, beauty, appreciation, friends, work/play, enjoyment of life.

Disease into Vitality Wands

Disease into Vitality: DV (Red Calcite, Strawberry Quartz, Malchite, Azurite).

Disease into Vitality:  Addiction Support AD (Ruby,Malachite, Pyrite, Moonstone).

Disease into Vitality:  Adrenal Support AR (Rutile, Blue Lace Agate, Iolite, Amblygonite).

Disease into Vitality:  Allergy Support AL (Snowflake Obsidian, Moonstone, Desert Snow Quartz, Herkimer Diamond).

Disease into Vitality:  Attention Support AT (Anatase,Malachite,Azurite,Turquoise).

Disease into Vitality:  Back Support BA (Tourmaline, Hematite,Peridot, Silver).

Disease into Vitality:  Bone Support BO (Red Calcite, Strawberry Quartz, Malachite, Azurite, Howlite).

Disease into Vitality:  Brain Support BR (Russian Phenakite, Smithsonite, Hemimorphite,AquaPhenakite).

Disease into Vitality:  Chakra Support CH (Wolframite,Carnelian,Amblygonite,Green Apatite, Neon Blue Apatite, Amethyst, Crystal).

Disease into Vitality:  Dream & Sleep Support DS (Anatase, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite, Fluorite).

Disease into Vitality:  Growths & Thyroid Support GT (Anatase,Apache Tear, Desert Snow Quartz, Crystal).

Disease into Vitality:  Heart Support HT (Sunstone,Malachite,Tourmaline,Peridot).

Disease into Vitality:  Hormonal Support HO (Carnelian, Amblygonite, Peridot,Anatase).

Disease into Vitality:  Kidney Support KD (Dravite,Hematite,Rutilated Quartz ,Citrine).

Disease into Vitality:  Liver Support LV (Phenakite,Zoisite,Kyanite,White Moldavite).

Disease into Vitality:  Lymph Support LY (Rutile, Sunstone, Green Tourmaline, Hemimorphite).

Disease into Vitality:  Nerve Support NV (Hematite,Blue Lace Agate, Phenakite, Silver).

Disease into Vitality:  Pancreas Support PA (Fire Opal,Sunstone,Chrysoprase,Rhodonite).

Disease into Vitality:  Respiratory Support RS (Tourmaline, Lapis, Iolite, Blue Lace Agate).

Disease into Vitality:  Stamina Support ST (Black Garnet, Carnelian, Iolite, Desert Snow Quartz).

Elemental Wands

Earth (Starry Red Jasper, Petalite, Fuschite) Energies:  Experience; learning; practicality; structure.

Fire (Ruby; Carnelian; Fire Opal)  Energies:  Action; initiative; exploration.

Water (Peridot, Fluorite; Moonstone)  Energies:  Emotion, telepathy, empathy.

Air (Citrine, Celestite, Crystal)  Energies:  Mental activity & communication, curiosity, relating.

Ethers (Rutile, Lapis, Amblygonite)  Energies:  Spirit, the unknown, mystery.

Spiritual Spinal Wand Set

Note: specifically and lovingly designed for the LaStone Therapy folks

1 set Crystal Grounding Stones (11 in a set)

1 pair Spiral Spinal Wands

1 pair Wands of Presence

1 organic fabric, hand-dyed, locally hand-sewn, beloved carry bag