Reverend Elivia Melodey

Reverend Elivia Melodey is an ordained Spiritualist medium with clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient abilities. Dedicated to personal and world healing, she offers a wide variety of services and can customize to your needs. As a Spiritual Medium, she offers counseling sessions for individuals, couples, families and group Message Circles. She is a Past Life Regression therapist and Master Light worker, who is also available for remote and in-person Clearing session for healing and personal Sound Attunements.  As a minister, Rev. Elivia conducts lecture services, ceremonies and performs sacred music presentation. Read on for a complete list of services.

As an adviser, I find Elivia to be unbelievably accurate and plugged in and she really works for the highest and best good of her clients. Elivia Melodey uses a number of tools and skills and always works with an open heart and mind. Definitely a must have speaker, performer, or spiritual adviser.
Diana Guerrero, Author, Big Bear Lake, CA
Elivia is not only a business role model, she is an inspiration! We have offered joint events for several years. She has always exceeded my expectations with her professionalism, depth of knowledge, and wonderful sense of humor. Experience Elivia in any of her areas of expertise, and you’ll come back for more!
Rev. Uki Maclsaac, Owner, Circle of Life Spiritual Development
Elivia Melodey lives up to her name! Her music is healing, inspiring and beautiful. She is also a very interesting lecturer. Elivia is always extremely knowledgeable about the subject she presents and she presents it in a interesting way. She is a very kind, trustworthy and caring person and she is always a joy to be around. She is a inspiration to many people and has touched many lives.
Sylvia Smasal, Personal Pathways Coordinator at Merrill Gardens of Oceanside
Elivia is a fantastic spiritualist medium and psychic. I’ve attended her mediumship classes and her circles, so I’ve seen her give messages as well as provide meditations, classes and sound healings. Elivia is personable, kind and also very knowledgeable. A true embodiment of expertise. I highly recommend her and wish I lived closer so I could attend more of her events. I’ve been around a lot of mediums and do not give such high marks lightly. For students and sitters alike, I highly recommend Elivia.
Melinda Tran, Mission Viejo, CA

Elivia’s Offerings

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Spiritual Ceremonies
  • Labyrinth for the Solstice
  • Wedding Minister
  • Red Lotus
  • Sacred Site Ceremony
  • Conference Presenter