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Spiritualist medium, Rev. Elivia works with your Guides and Angels to give you detailed, accurate and reliable information.

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Reverend Elivia Melodey

She is an ordained Spiritualist medium with clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient abilities. Dedicated to personal and world healing, she offers a wide variety of services and can customize to your needs. As a Spiritual Medium, she offers counseling sessions for individuals, couples, families and group Message Circles. She is a Past Life Regression therapist and Master Light worker, who is also available for remote and in-person Clearing session for healing and personal Sound Attunements. As a minister, Rev. Elivia conducts lecture services, ceremonies and performs sacred music presentation. Read on for a complete list of services.

Spiritual Services

As a Spiritualist Medium and ordained minister, Reverend Elivia Melodey offers a wide variety of services that she can customize to your needs

Education & Trainings

Learn about Elivia’s unique mediumship development classes and workshops, crystal and gemstone healing classes, sound healing…

About Elivia

Elivia is a clairvoyant medium with the ability to tune in to many worlds and frequencies. Dubbed “The Angel Whisper” by Awareness Magazine…

Singing Crystal Bowls & More!

Elivia Melodey’s site offers the largest selection of crystal singing bowls available, Crystal Vibration singing bowl CDs and other sound healing products
Elivia Melodey

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Elivia is a phenomenal medium, a great spiritual counselor I highly recommend her. Always friendly and happy.
Kevin Berry
I find Elivia to be unbelievably accurate and plugged in and she really works for the best good of her clients.
Diana Guerrero
Elivia is a fantastic spiritualist medium and psychic. I've attended her mediumship classes and... Read More
Melinda Tran

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