Please let Reverend Elivia Melodey know in advance which kind of reading you would like to schedule. Check out the FAQ‘s for how to get the most out of your reading. Rev. Elivia is available to give the following types of full or half hour readings:

Psychic Readings
Move through your present issues of personal and business relationships, finances, relocation, empowerment and peace of mind with the assistance of Rev. Elivia’s gifts as a Spiritual medium.

Akashic Soul Life Readings
Discover what your souls’ path is this life time and help your self to stay on track. Explore opportunities to assist you to move forward with ease and clarity. Get help now. Discover where you are on track and learn what your hidden gifts are.

Messages from the Other Side Reading
Do you have loved one that you would like to contact? Rev. Elivia’s abilities allow connection with those who have passed. Get messages of comfort and serenity or resolve issues and lay them to rest and more.

Past Lives Reading
Are you just curious or is there an issue at hand that you just can’t understand? Past Life readings with Elivia review where connections, fears and abilities first surfaced for better understanding and resolution.

Meet Your Guides & Angels Reading
Do you want to develop a closer relationship with your angels, inter dimensional and galactic guides? This special reading is a wonderful gift to give or use yourself

Medical Intuitive: Psychic Clearing Sessions
Emotional and Medical intuitive, Rev. Elivia cannot diagnose or prescribe however her accurate readings of your energy centers and messages from Spirit assist you to get on the right track of mental, emotional and physical health.

A reading with Elivia can help you:

  • Communicate with Loved Ones who have crossed over.
  • Understand and heal past and present relationships, with those in your life now and with those who have passed over.
  • See clearly your life options and possibilities so you can choose the best path.
  • Know your life purpose and what you came here to do.
  • Connect with your Angels, Teachers and Guides and begin to develop your own intuitive abilities.
  • Work through and release old emotional blockages and attachments.
  • Discover past life connections to those in your life now.
  • As a Medical Intuitive Elivia can assist you with releasing physical issues.
  • As an Animal Communicator, Elivia can help you to understand your pets.
Psychic Reading Testimonials & Reviews:
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Disclaimer: Our futures are not set in stone and are subject to Free Will. How you move forward in your life is always dependant on the decisions you make based on the choices you are offered. All information given is advisory in nature. As a Spiritualist Minister, I can not prescribe for or diagnose any illness. My medical intuitive readings are not intended as a replacement for medical attention. If you are seeking mental health or medical advice, please see a physician.

Refund Policy: Refunds on services are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. I do not offer refunds on readings, workshops or for missed appointments. Exchanges are available on singing crystal bowls and products.