Beginning Mediumship Development

At these ongoing classes you will learn the basics of Mediumship Development and gain tools to pick a great psychic or develop your own abilities. Discover how to “tune in” to your Angels, Teachers, and Guides in Spirit. Topics covered are: the history of Spiritualism, Universal Laws governing mediumship, ethics, chakras as spiritual centers, protection, the phases of mental and physical Mediumship and working with Spirit Guides. Each class will involve meditation and interactive mediumship exercises.

Intermediate and advanced classes in Mental and Physical Mediumship

These classes are scheduled periodically. Students will learn how to work with their Sprit Guides, Meditation practices which promote Mediumship development, as well as how to perform different types of readings such as evidential readings, billets, psychometry, gallery readings, flower readings, smoke readings, dirty plate, tea leaf and egg readings as well as wax and smoke readings.

In the advanced classes, as students become intimately familiar with their inner band of Spirit Healers and Teachers students will learn channeling, remote viewing, past life readings and Akashic or Soul readings as well as how to read the energy of people, places and situations. With the Physical Mediumship development classes, student learn how to project their own energy and allow Sprit to utilize their ectoplasm for table tipping, trumpet work and moving objects.

Mediumship Intensives Level 1 & 2

Scheduled several times a year, these day-long intensives are designed to assist you to move forward quickly, whether you’ve new to mediumship or wish to fine tune and refine your skills. Level 1 is for those who aren’t able to come to the introductory mediumship classes. Handouts are given on all the mediumship basics, with plenty of hands-on practice. Level 2 is geared toward refining your connection with Spirit through, Cold readings, Gallery readings, Evidential mediumship, Animal Communication and Medical Intuitive.

Physical Medium Workshops

Table Tipping

Introduction to Physical Mediumship

This experiential, hands-on workshop will explore some of the many facets of Physical Mediumship: Table Tipping, Trumpets, Slates, Transfiguration, Spirit Photos, Scenography and more!! Seeing is believing so you’ll discover for yourself how to work with this aspect of mediumship in a very visceral way. We will be examining many practices of physical mediumship in a safe and protected setting. Discover how to safely tap into the Magic of yourself, connect and understand your unique gifts as a Universal Being. Class format includes meditation, instructions, discussion and lots of hands on practice.


Experience Spirit & learn to create your own environment for Transfiguration.

Examine another type of physical mediumship in a safe and protected setting. Discover more about yourself and your Higher Consciousness.  You will learn what transfiguration is and how to set it up a cabinet in your own home and how to use proper lighting and what lights to use. Learn how to use a mirror to investigate your past lives and how to use a candle with a partner or yourself with Transfiguration.  Learn the different types of phenomena.  Learn what it feels like to have Spirit step closer to you. Discover the stages of Transfiguration.  Higher spiritual laws are revealed. Hands-On practical use of Transfiguration.

Advanced Transfiguration

 Physically experience Spirit & discover your Authentic Soul Name. Examine new practices of physical mediumship In a safe & protected setting, Discover more about your True Self & your Higher Consciousness. Experience Deeper Stages of Transfiguration with your Spirit Guides. Fly with the Dragons to Worlds above and beyond to open your 3rd Eye. Supported by Elivia’s Crystal Sound Waves to take you deeper into Self Awakening. Learn the different types of phenomena. Discover how to safely tap into the Magic of Yourself. Connect & Understand your Unique Gifts as a Universal Being. Higher Spiritual Laws Revealed. Class format will include meditation, instructions, class discussion, and hands on practice.