Psychic Self Defense for Empaths

Discover the causes and types of psychic attack. Explore your chakras and learn how to strengthen your auric shield with intention and energy work. Discover how you can easily shift your energy around toxic places and people. Gain the basics of space clearing. Learn meditations, prayers, and visualizations, which will shield and protect you. Review the talismans and symbols used throughout the ages to protect against psychic attack. Learn which essential oils, crystals, gems, and minerals will support you as well as Quick Fixes for instant relief!

Discover your Chakras


Chakras are Wheels of Light for Health and Harmony: Explore and familiarize your self with the major and minor energy centers of your body. Know how to balance and clear your chakras for optimum health and wellness. Learn which exercises and activities can support your chakras and how these centers help with meditation, mediumship, and healing. Elivia will cover the chakra correspondences for color, symbol, sound, note, sense, endocrine and body systems, emotions, quality, tone, element, metal, archangel, essential oils, stones, astrological signs, planets, functional roles as well as the diseases associated with each chakra. Attendees will receive Elivia’s Chakra handbook.

Shamanic Trance Journeying

Shamanic Trance Journeying

Elivia has been journeying using ecstatic body postures with students since 1998. This ancient global practice is based on the groundbreaking work of anthropologist, Dr. Felicitas Goodman and her student, Belinda Gore. Gain vision, wisdom and connection to all life. Using standing, sitting, kneeling and lying trance postures 10,000 years old; learn to access the wisdom of the ages from the stars, Gaia and all her multi-dimensional guardians. Journey to places of healing, divination, metamorphosis, celebration, higher awareness, initiation and rebirth as well as to the source of living myths. Trance states are accompanied by drumming or rattling and always include journaling and storytelling afterwards. Bring a notebook.

Intermediate Level Mediumship Development Class

Aligning with Angels

Elivia was given the name the “Angel Whisperer” by media. As a result, this is a class favorite. Discover how angels are all around us. Students will learn the Angelic Hierarchy and discover how the angels work to help and support us. Learn to connect with your Guardian Angel and communicate with your angels. Create more peace in your life now by tapping into the guidance of the angelic realm. Their loving messages of joy and comfort will help you to gain a new perspective on all of life’s issues. Attendees will receive a copy of Elivia’s Aligning with Angels handbook.

Life Mapping

An annual favorite which is generally held around New Year’s Day. This day long hands-on workshop will help you to fine tune and focus your intentions for manifesting all the bounty that you wish to bring into your life. Beginning with a guided meditation the Feng Shui hexagram is reviewed to ensure that all your bases are covered within the vision of your life, which you are creating. Collage is the medium for life mapping. Explore your creative spirit, meet new friends and have fun! Come away with a dynamic tool, a visual Mandela that can assist you in keeping your focus on track. Each person needs to bring 10 magazines as well as pictures of special focus in their lives. All other materials are provided.