Terra Firma

Musicians: Elivia Melodey, Amrita Cottrell, Gaye Unverferth, Devadattan, Patrick Pope and Alan Tower

Total playing tie: 57:41 minutes

Terra Firma is a shamanic journey through crystal sound, the music begins by aligning your chakras with the heart of Gaia. As you journey into Her kingdoms, the songs align the listener with the elements of life: water, fire, air, and earth.

Created with the intention of centering, this sonic energy transmission grounds the listener into deeper worlds of inner peace. An enchanted journey of revitalization and attunement begins with a chakra balancing, moving from the top of your head and spiraling down to the souls of your feet.

Listen now (60 second samples):

Crystal Portal

Musicians: Elivia Melode Amrita,with Gene Passofaro

Total playing tie: 56 minutes

Travel on sonic waves and experience harmonic unification with all life. The tones on this unique collection will take you to into new vibrations of love and peace. RECORDED LIVE, this work is an inspired blend of 39 crystal singing bowls, silver transverse flute, bells, Celtic harp, gong, water drum and other instruments.

Crystal Portal was produced during the Lunar Eclipse on the Harmonic Concordance (November, 8, 2003) when a powerful infusion of love energy was experienced on Earth. The six-pointed planetary configuration that occurred on this date signaled the coming together of heaven and earth, through the human heart, for a new integration of the masculine and feminine energies. It was a turning point for the future destiny of all humanity. Journey through the Crystal Portal and into celebration of harmonic unification.

Listen now (60 second samples)

Journey to Wholeness

Musicians: Elivia Melodey& Gaye Unverferth

Total playing tie: 69 minutes

New age listeners will love this entrancing collection of songs inspired by the quartz crystal singing bowls. Starting with a 14 minute chakra alignment, four additional tracks follow with innovative and extraordinary, inspired songs.

This music will transport you to transcendent realms of peace, beauty and harmony. Worlds of experience will open up, as you float on crystalline waves to places of inner connection and wholeness.

The rich bell-like and low soothing tones were all recorded live with out vocals. Over 20 singing crystal bowls, flutes and percussion instruments formed the ensemble used on this CD. Creating a new musical art form, these exquisitely rich songs are the epitome of crystal bowl sound healing. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, illumination and healing.

Listen now (60 second samples)

Celestial Memories

Musicians: Elivia Melodey, Gaye Unverferth & Mary Nieto.

Total playing tie: 60 minutes

Celestial Memories is composed of nine songs from the quartz crystal singing bowls, with the gentle addition of flutes, chimes, vocals and drumming.

Journey to spaces of deep relaxation and peace as the music of these crystal bowls open up gateways of awareness and wholeness within your Being. The perfect pitch tones of these harmonically tuned instruments help to align your chakras, balancing and rejuvenating your vital life energies.

Each song contains a specific healing energy channeled from the celestial realms for the highest good of the listener. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, spiritual growth and healing.

This CD is used by professionals in the psychiatric, twelve step recovery, bereavement centers, and alternative healing practices for the gravely ill. Restoring harmony to the Body, Mind, and Spirit it receives high praise from meditators, yoga and healing practitioners, and individuals desiring stress release.

Celestial Memories Sample includes samples of Introduction, Polaris Saffron Suglights Ariadne Asarte Shu Shu Newane Ellenahara, Pan Abbrezzia, Te Ha Shashusha Ne

Vibration for Healing – The Sound You Feel (DVD)

Producers: Claudine JOrdan and Tom Klodin

English. 40 minutes, plus Special Features. Widescreen Format.

Vibration for Healing – The Sound You Feel consists of over twenty vignettes centering on sound healers—most of whom use the crystal singing bowls—and illustrates the many uses of sound for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. From “singing” with the dolphins in Hawaii, to meeting a “peace pilgrim” in Oregon; from a space clearing at a Madison Avenue art gallery to a recital at Santa Fe’s famous Loretto Chapel, this film portrays people who have visions of a new day, people who hope to heal the planet by using their voices and the healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Among those featured in this film are author and healer Renee Brodie, medium and sound healer Elivia Melodey, frequency shifter Judith Lynnne, as well as many others who incorporate sound healing into their daily lives.

Special bonus features include: interviews with sound healing pioneers Jonathan and Andi Goldman as well as innovative new age musician Steven Halpern; a sound healing session with Diana LaDue-Hand of Wise Awakenings; and biographies and website information of all featured healers.

The production of this film took us to a host of locations and took a year to complete. While filming the documentary we encountered many people who knew someone who owned crystal singing bowls or who had some themselves; however, they didn’t know the variety of ways in which they were used…and neither did we. From what we hear, this is a film that crystal bowl lovers have been waiting for.