Crystal Portal, Singing Crystal Bowl Journeys CD


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Travel on sonic waves and experience harmonic unification with all life.
The tones on this unique collection will take you to into new
vibrations of love and peace. RECORDED LIVE, this work is an inspired
blend of 39 crystal singing bowls, silver transverse flute, bells,
Celtic harp, gong, water drum and other instruments.

Crystal Portal was produced during the Lunar Eclipse on the Harmonic
Concordance (November, 8, 2003) when a powerful infusion of love energy
was experienced on Earth. The six-pointed planetary configuration that
occurred on this date signaled the coming together of heaven and earth,
through the human heart, for a new integration of the masculine and
feminine energies. It was a turning point for the future destiny of all
humanity. Journey through the Crystal Portal and into celebration of
harmonic unification.

Listen Now (60 Second Samples):
Cellular Initiation

Musicians: Elivia Melodey,
Amrita Cottrell and Gene Passofaro

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