Celestial Memories, Tapestries of Light from the Singing Crystal Bowls


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Memories presents the pure sine wave tones of the Quartz Crystal
Singing Bowls, with the gentle addition of flutes, chimes, vocals and
drumming. Journey to spaces of deep relaxation and peace as the music of
these crystal bowls opens up gateways of awareness and wholeness within
your Being. The perfect pitch tones of these harmonically tuned
instruments help to align your chakras, which balances and rejuvenates
your vital life energies. Each song contains a specific healing energy
channeled from the celestial realms, for the highest good of the
listener. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, spiritual growth and

Since it’s debut in Spring of 2001, Celestial Memories is now being
used in psychiatric, twelve step recovery and bereavement centers along
with alternative healing practices for the gravely ill. Assisting with
bringing into harmony the Body, Mind, and Spirit it has met with high
praise from meditators, yoga and healing practitioners, individuals
desiring stress release and of course all those who just love beautiful

Elivia Melodey’s Crystal Vibrations is composed of three gifted
vibrational healers and musicians who have come together to produce this
entrancing collection of inspired songs. As musical channelers, they
work to translate into melodies, the loving energies from celestial
Beings. Playing on an extensive collection of the Quartz Crystal Singing
Bowls, their intent is to anchor in these high vibrational energies for
individual and world healing. This is their first release.

Introduction, Polaris
Saffron Suglights Ariadne
Asarte Shu Shu Newane
Ellenahara, Pan
Abbrezzia, Te Ha Shashusha Ne

Musicians: Elivia Melodey,
Gaye Unverferth & Mary Nieto.

Total playing time: 60 minutes

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