Reverend Melodey has been featured on KFMB CBS8 not once, but twice, in the past several years.

Good Vibrations with Larry Himmel, 2013

CBS News 8 – San Diego, CA News Station – KFMB Channel 8

Local Psychic Plays Singing Crystal Bowls with Larry Himmel, 2008


Reverend Melodey is a frequent guest on internet radio program where she shares a variety of her gifts.

“Connecting with Loved Ones who have Crossed Over” with Spiritualist Medium, Elivia Melodey
“Psychic Horizons” Blog Talk Radio with host Shelly Hofberg, July 2013

“Connecting with the Angelic Realm as a Trance Medium” an interview with Psychic Medium Elivia Melodey
“Psychic Horizons” Blog Talk Radio with host, Rosemary Fox, May 2013

“High Frequency Healing Music with Sonic Alchemist, Elivia Melodey”
“Law of Attraction Radio Network” Blog Talk Radio with host Jewels, April 2012

“Working with Spirit as a Psychic Medium” an interview with Minister and Medium, Elivia Melodey
“Medium Michele” Blog Talk Radio with host, Michele Fletcher, March 2011

Channeling Terra Firma“, an interview with Elivia Melodey
“Going Global for Spirit” BBS Radio with host, Elaine Ireland, July 2008

“Bowling for Health with Singing Crystal Bowls”“Advanced Living”, BBS Radio with host Ken Lesser, May 2008

Healing with Sound
Achieve Radio, “The Metaphysical World and Beyond” with host Nancy Wallace May 2008


The Angel Whisperer (PDF): Whole Living Journal March 2007

Pick of the Week ~ Soothing Sounds (PDF) Tucson Weekly February 2007

Reflections on Elivia Melodey ~ Angel Whisperer (PDF) Awareness Magazine Nov. – Dec. 2004

Sound Healing ~ Natural Health Magazine (PDF) March 2004

Vibrations as Sound Healing (PDF) Vision Magazine March 2002