Work with an Expert!

Committed to serving the sound healing community since 1998, acclaimed Crystal Sound Master, Elivia Melodey is able to guide you in your selection based on her vast expertise and intuitive guidance. Whether you are looking for one bowl or a fully tuned chakra set, your selection is important to us. Buy your crystal bowls with confidence knowing that when you purchase your new singing crystal bowl, it will be a perfect fit for what ever your specific needs may be such as: meditation, healing, chakra balancing, space clearing, spiritual development, and/or for making beautiful music. 

Before you buy your bowl, call now for a free personal consultation as to which crystal singing bowl will best serve your needs. Call 760-593-4544. What is listed in our web shop are the notes, styles, and sizes of singing crystal bowls which most commonly available, however inventory changes dramatically so please check first before you do order on line.

By working directly with each of the creators of crystal singing bowls as sound healing tools, Elivia is able to offer you the largest selection and variety of singing bowls, mallets, crystal bowl bags and carriers as well as sound healing accessories available on the market today. She can also keep you informed as to upcoming crystal sound healing innovations and the newest additions. We ship world wide so once your selection is made, we will find you the best international shipping rates available. All of our singing crystal bowls are listed at discounted low prices. Compare prices and then give us a call.  Elivia’s intention is to provide crystal bowls as a service at the best possible price. Your purchase goes to support the creation of more Crystal Vibrations Music and concert tours – bringing more healing crystal sound to the world.


All of the crystal bowls offered on this site are made of the highest quality 99.992% pure fused quartz crystal and the finest in gemstones and precious metals such as 24 karat gold, silver and platinum. If you don’t see what you are looking for listed in our shop, call us to find out when or if it is available.


We sell Hand held singing crystal bowls from four unique manufacturers in both gold and silver. We carry the full line of clear, optically clear, and frosted crystal singing bowls as well as all the Alchemy, specialty, gemstone, mineral and Crystal Vibes singing bowls.  We also offer a beautiful selection of carrying cases for your bowls as well as a variety of mallets (wands).


If you are considering a purchase of a set of bowls, or even a mini set they will always be harmonically tuned together prior to shipping. When ever possible we will do our best to see that your new bowl is harmonically tuned with other bowls or instruments that you may already have. We stand behind every purchase and will gladly take exchanges.