Planetary Act of Power Wands


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The Planetary Act of Power Wand set is geared to those who are actively working with planetary energies.

These Wands can be inserted into the handle of the Deva’s Gift Hand Held Singing Crystal Bowl or any other hollow handled,
hand held singing crystal bowl. They can also be held by the client
with or with out the addition of a crystal bowl sound healing session. 

Cases are made with organic cotton and each set of wands is individually hand crafted in New Mexico.  You can expect delivery within 2 – 4 weeks.

It includes the 22 hand crafted wands listed and comes in an organic fabric carrying bag.

Please note that $20 shipping is included in this price.

 Wands included in this set:

Chiron CH (Russian
Phenakite,Purple Fluorite,Celestite,Madagascar Phenakite) Energies:
Initiation, service, the Earth Mother, core wounds, healing.

Earth EA (Australian Jasper, Petalite, Fushcite) Energies: Experience, learning, practicality, structure.

Full Moon FM (Shell,Danburite,Ajoite) Energies: Full expression of emotions.

Jupiter JU (Cuprite/Calcite,Hematite,Sodalite) Energies: Rewards, abundance, philosophy, beliefs, joy.

Lunar Eclipse LE (Apache Tear,Emerald,Selenite) Energies: Specific emotional lessons.

Lunar Nodes LN (Crystal,Bloodstone,Aventurine) Energies: What you bring to your life, emotionally, and how you are evolving next, emotionally.

Mars MA (Obsidian,Carnelian,Green Calcite) Energies: Courage, initiative, action, desire.

Mercury ME (Rutile,Apatite,Tibetan Quartz) Energies: All mental processes, short journeys.

Moon MO (Silver,Moonstone) Energies: All emotional processes, home/family/mother.

Neptune NE (Smithsonite,RoseQuartz,Larimar,Amethyst) Energies: Spirit, union, faith, inspiration.

New Moon NM (Hemimorphite,Epidote,Tourmaline) Energies: New beginnings. Time to plant seeds. Noonday

Sun NS (Vanadinite,Sulphur,Zincite) Energies: Full expression of creativity & dreams.

Pluto PL (Rutile,Wolframite,Sunstone,Amblygonite) Energies: Life/death, fear, rebirth, power, sex.

Rising Sun RS (Pyrite,Calcite) Energies: New expression of creativity & dreams and life.

Saturn SA (Amber,Citrine,Peridot,Clear Zincite) Energies: Responsibility, authority, creating from what you have been given.

Sedna SD (Galena,Rubellite,Fluorite,Kunzite) Energies: Hope, inspiration, and acting upon both.

Setting Sun SS (Hawkseye Velvet Tourmaline,Golden Topaz) Energies: Integrating intuition/stillness with logic/movement.

Solar Eclipse SE (Kyanite,Labradorite,Lapis) Energies: Focusing on the lessons of certain cycles.

Sun SU (Sunstone,Gold,Copper) Energies: Creativity, expressing passion, drama, heart.

Trans-Pluto TP (Smokey Quartz,Pietersite,Rhodochrosite,Argentina Meteorite) Energies: Courage to face your reality.

Uranus UR (Iolite,White Moldavite) Energies: Freedom, profound change, future, individuality, equal respect for all.

Venus VE (Rhodochrosite, Herkimer Diamond, Praseodymium) Energies: Love, beauty, appreciation, friends, work/play, enjoyment of life.