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  • Crystal Vibrations Music

Outdoor Singing Crystal Bowl Concert & Potluck

Join us for a beautiful salute to summer’s end with the magical energies of the Singing Crystal Bowls brought to you by the Crystal Vibrations Ensemble.

The event will begin with a community potluck, then as the sun sets, a Crystal Vibrations Sunset Concert under the stars.

Guenther Kramer, shamanic practitioner and musician extraordinaire, will be hosting us at his […]

  • Healing your Chakras with Crystals workshop

Healing your Chakras with Crystals Workshop

This Healing your Chakras with Crystals workshop will be hands-on and experiential, so dress comfortably.

We will explore how powerfully our crystal friends can assist to balance and harmonize your human energy body. We will be covering the various stones for each chakra. We’ll learn how to do laying on of stones for personal healing and personal grids as well as […]