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Mediumship Development Class

Mediumship Development Class – Opening to Your Spiritual Gifts

This is the third month in a series of Beginning Mediumship Development class (es) is taught by Spiritualist Medium, Elivia Melodey. This class is on-going Wednesdays through December.

Students may join at any time. Ongoing attendance is recommended for the greatest progress to take place.

Everyone has psychic abilities, so relax as we hold […]

  • intermediate mediumship Development class

Intermediate Level Mediumship Development Classes with Elivia Melodey in San Marcos.

This is an ongoing Intermediate Mediumship Development class will meet on Thursdays through December. Taught by Spiritualist Medium, Elivia Melodey. It will focus on fine-tuning your ability to work with and channel Light Beings, Teachers and Guides. It will also focus on discerning and understanding unseen energies.

After laying the foundation […]