• Crystal Grids class

Crystal Grids Workshop in San Marcos

You’re invited to join us at this Crystal Grids Workshop. Always fun, interactive and definitely “Hands On”!! Creating crystal grids in particular geometric forms will build energy fields to support your life and desired goals. Explore the more common forms of crystal grids. At this workshop, we will have a large assortment of stones and crystals to work with however […]

  • Christmas Sale - Singing Crystal Bowls, Crystals and more

Christmas Sale – Singing crystal bowls, crystals and more!

6th Annual Christmas Sale – Singing

Bowls, Crystals & More in San Marcos!

Each guest will receive a free “Cookie Reading!”

Times Friday Dec. 7: 10 AM – 5 PM,

Saturday Dec. 8: 10 AM – 3 PM, Sunday Dec 9: Noon – 4 PM

Join us at our 6th Annual Open house and Christmas Sale – Singing Bowls, Crystals & More in […]