• singing crystal bowl workshop

Singing Crystal Bowl Workshop

At this singing crystal bowl workshop in San Marcos, you’ll explore the clear and healing tones of quartz crystal singing bowls with Elivia Melodey, renowned sound healer and intuitive from San Diego.

This singing crystal bowl workshop is open to all levels of vibrational healing practitioners as well as those who want to learn more about singing crystal bowls. You don’t […]

Eight Harmony Grand Opening in La Jolla

I will be one of the guest presenters at the grand opening of this very special wellness center.

The topic of my talk will be “Opening to Love.” I’ll be sharing how the crystal kingdom can support you energetically in so many ways to assist you with heart healing and safely opening more deeply to receiving limitless love in your life […]

  • Healing your Chakras with Crystals workshop

Healing your Chakras with Crystals Workshop

This Healing your Chakras with Crystals workshop will be hands-on and experiential, so dress comfortably.

We will explore how powerfully our crystal friends can assist to balance and harmonize your human energy body. We will be covering the various stones for each chakra. We’ll learn how to do laying on of stones for personal healing and personal grids as well as […]