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Intermediate Mediumship Development Class

May 9, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Intermediate Psychic Mediumship Development Class Virtual

Intermediate Mediumship Development Class

Intermediate Level Mediumship Development Class
Intermediate Level Mediumship Development Classes with Elivia Melodey in San Marcos.

Intermediate Level Mediumship Development Classes with Elivia Melodey in San Marcos.

This is an ongoing Intermediate Mediumship Development class will meet on Thursdays through June. Taught by Spiritualist Medium, Elivia Melodey. It will focus on fine-tuning your ability to work with and channel Light Beings, Teachers and Guides. It will also focus on discerning and understanding unseen energies.

After laying the foundation (covering Cleansing & protection, Unseen energies, Universal Laws, Working with Guides, Chakras etc.) students will further develop their abilities of clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience. Students will learn to work with the differing energy frequencies of their Guides. In this Intermediate Mediumship Development class, we will continue to explore different kinds of tools often used as a support with connecting to unseen energies. These tools can include such things as crystal readings, ribbon readings, egg readings, wax reading, using cards and the like.

This class will include Meditation, Message delivery, and energy alchemy, remote viewing, light trance & deep trance work. Depending on the needs and desires of the class, we’ll also work with Evidential Mediumship. This entails developing and fine-tuning each student’s abilities to connect with and discern loved ones who have crossed over. We also may work with ways to clear and shift energies for individuals and places.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook if you enjoy taking notes.

This class is open to new students, by permission. Please contact Elivia if you feel called to join us.

The fee for each class is $20.00

To register call 760-471-7304 or email Elivia to RSVP and for directions.

Directions will be emailed to you upon registration.


Rev. Elivia Melodey has been a practicing Spiritualist medium since 1985. She is the former Director of Education at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association in San Diego and is highly respected for her accuracy and Mediumship Development skills. Many of her past students are now professional mediums. She has been a keynote speaker at numerous national conferences and has been featured in many media outlets.