Psychic Messages from the Other Side in Person in San Diego, One Hour




Do you have loved one that you would like to contact? Your loved ones who have crossed over are waiting to hear from you. As an Evidential Medium, Rev. Elivia’s abilities allow this connection with those who have passed. Receive messages of comfort and serenity or resolve issues and lay them to rest and more. One of the tenants of Spiritualism is the belief that communication with the so called dead is a fact, which can be proven through Mediumship.

No one can “command” those in Spirit to appear, however in general your loved ones are eagerly waiting to speak with you, even those who perhaps you didn’t get along with!!

 This one hour in-person session with Rev. Elivia in N. County San Diego, includes a MP3 of the session that will be e-mailed to you.

 Once you have paid for your session, Elivia will contact you to schedule an appointment.

 Directions will be emailed to you.