Past Life Reading in Person in San Diego, One Hour


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Are you just curious or is there an
issue at hand that you just can’t understand? Past Life readings with
Elivia review where connections, fears and abilities first surfaced for
better understanding and resolution.

Spiritualist medium, Rev. Elivia
works with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to give you detailed,
accurate and reliable information in regard to Past Lives that are
directly impacting your present life now. She has the ability to “tune
into” a number of areas in the spirit realm through time and space. This
type of reading does not involve regression or hypnosis. Instead Elivia
will identify strengths, interests, talents as well as where and how
these originated. If you have questions about important relationships in
your life and wonder if you’ve been together before then this is a good
reading for you. Fears and phobias from past lives can also be
identified so that clients can release these with ease.

This one hour in-person session with
Rev. Elivia in N. County San Diego, includes a MP3 of the session that
will be e-mailed to you.

 Once you have paid for your session, Elivia will contact you to schedule an appointment.

 Directions will be emailed to you.