Deva’s Gift Hand Held Singing Crystal Bowl – 6″ diameter


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This is
the first hand held singing crystal bowl. Created in 1995, the “Deva’s
Gift” is unlike any other. Once this design was brought out to the world,
other people started to copy and reproduce singing bowls with handles. There is absolutely no comparison! A collaboration between Twintreess,
Stonespirits, and the  Crystal Devas  – this is a magnificent bowl!
It comes with it’s own organic cotton or bamboo carrying case and suede wand.

There are
many, many people who have already talked about the profound results of Crystal
Singing Bowls – how their pitch can dissolve blockages in your system
immediately. What we, personally, can tell you about these Bowls is that
because they were co-created from the heart of the Crystal Spirits, their songs
completely enliven us! They touch us physically, mentally, emotionally and
spiritually. Every time we hear them, we expand our wholeness so immediately
and so spontaneously that it requires no effort or understanding from our
conscious knowledge. In working with our Spirit family we know that sound
vibrates thought directly into manifestion. These Crystal Bowls spontaneously
teach us how to constantly manifest what we think and feel. In our Health
Kinesiology practice we find that playing them virtually always aligns all the
meridians of the body immediately. These are just some of our experiences with
these Bowls and all of them empower us completely.

Bowls work especially well for body workers,
practitioners and essence makers. Each Bowl is an individual life force entity,
therefore they are not classified by note. Rather we ask you to open your heart
to receive each Bowl that is meant especially for you by asking for it to join
you in your life by listening for the one that resonates with your particular
mind/body/spirit alignment. These Bowls are different; different than anything
else out there. They are in resonance with Spirit, consciously and

bowls are designed to work alone, with the Act of Power Wands or with other
vibrational healing tools.

They also come with an option to add precious metal coating of Gold and Platinum.

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  • Included in the price of the 6″ Diameter Deva’s Gift is a custom made suede covered mallet and a 100% pure organic
    cotton or bamboo case. Very sturdy with thick padding, they are each handmade by the
    Deva’s helpers here in the US

  •  $30.00 shipping and handling is included in this price.
    Please call with any questions or to check availability.

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