Psychic FAQs

//Psychic FAQs

Relax. This allows the energy to flow much easier.

Don’t “feed the medium. ” Generally all I will ask you is if what I’m saying makes sense. I don’t need any further information from you.

Be prepared with a list of questions that you would like to address.

Record your session either on your end or through Elivia or take notes. While you may not understand or connect with what you are being told, confirmation often comes later as you review what was said.

It is really a matter of personal preference and logistics when it comes to choosing a phone or in-person session with Elivia. As a Spiritual Medium, basically “her people talk to your people.” It makes no difference to Spirit as they bridge time and space. With a telephone reading, Elivia will tune in prior to your call and begin the session by asking if you’d like to hear what was given to her first. This often covers the most pressing issues at hand. At an in-person session, Elivia will tune in once you arrive.