Frosted and Clear Singing Crystal Bowls are a byproduct of the semi-conductor industry and are mass produced worldwide. The wall of each bowl is calibrated to an exact thickness for industry standards. Although singing crystal bowls are not produced to create specific notes, every bowl has a specific frequency and tone. Overtime these beautiful bowls became available to the general public for vibrational healing, meditation, chanting, toning and musical accompaniment. In 1995 the first hand-held crystal bowl was created specifically for sound healing. In 2000 crystal bowls began to be created which were fused with gemstones and precious metals. This fusing process was already a part of what the semi conductor industry was doing with the crystals they were growing. Then a new type of bowl was created by adding colorants to produce clear color chakra sets. As time goes by we hope to see many new styles and kinds of singing crystal bowls, created specifically for sound healing.

Healing with Crystal Sound

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