How to Tell the Difference between Frosted, Clear and Handheld Crystal Singing Bowls

 Easily determine which of the 3 major kinds of crystal singing bowls will work best for you and your practice. Factors to keep in mind include cost, portability, size, and of course sound!

How to Choose a Singing Crystal Bowl

 Can you choose a bad bowl? Are all singing crystal bowls the same? Does size make a difference when it comes to what it can do? Know what to look and listen for when you are able to select a singing crystal bowl.

How to Play a Singing Crystal Bowl

 Learn the basic principles on how to easily play crystal singing bowls.  This short tutorial will set your fears at ease. Then, you’ll enjoy developing your unique style of playing.


How to pick a Mallet

 Mallets can bring the tones of your bowls up in different ways. This is a fact all drummers and percussionists know well. Here you can explore how some mallets work so you can choose which ones will work best for you.

How to Play the Deva’s Gift Handheld Crystal Singing Bowl

 This individually hand-crafted hand held bowl, made specifically for sound healing has many uses. Use with the crystal filled wands created for these crystal beings or create your own.