Mediumship Tools and More! Saturday, May 22 2021



Mediumship Tools and More Play Shop
Learn new mediumship tools and more to support your connection to Spirit.

Mediumship Tools and More! is an in-person hands-on Play Shop. This will be held in a private home in San Marcos and will be limited in size. Priority will be given to student’s of Elivia’s Mediumship Development classes.

This workshop will also be held on Saturday May 22 , from 12:30 pm – 5 pm.

Directions will be sent to you upon registration.

One of the aspects of mediumship which you can’t teach online and have validation, is the use of tools. As much as we’re working more and more with tuning into frequencies and unseen energies, everyone loves to have a physical aspect of their messages from Spirit.

In this Play Shop you’ll be learning how to do Flower Readings, Smoke Readings, Wax Reading, Ribbon Readings, Billets and Psychometry, Card readings and more! Spirit works in limitless ways to bring messages of inspiration and support. Discover which tools call to you.

This will be a hands-on in person and fun afternoon where you’ll leave feeling empowered and connected to Spirit in an entirely new way. You’ll learn how to work with spirit messages in a new way with your new mediumship tools. Spirit is there ready to send you messages with what ever tools you might choose to use. You can learn to read anything and with correct intension and clear energies, gain powerful messages.

Mediumship tools have been used since the beginning of time and are still in wide use globally. Crystal gazing, scrying,  reading bones, tarot and using a planchette with the alphabet (Ouija) are just a few examples. You can learn to use many tools with confidence to give accurate messages from Spirit.