Clearing Negative Energies Workshop with Revs Elivia Melodey and Felice Izzarelli, Aug. 15 , 10 – 5 PM


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As everyone is becoming more sensitive to the energies and
vibrations around them while they the open up and develop, it is so important
to keep ones inner harmony and peace of mind. Shifting energies and clearing
spaces is easy as you learn the basic dynamics of how they work and how
powerful you are.

Join Trance Medium Elivia Melodey
with Physical Medium Felice Izzarelli
for this fun day of working with the energies and vibrations of the universe.

Learn effective tools and practices to clear spaces and to raise your energies.
Come away feeling empowered as you discover how natural laws can support you in
these challenging times. 

Topics include:
energy alchemy, implants, entities, negative thought patterns, cording and ghosts.
This class will be hands on in working with energies and learning how to “Tune In and Tune Up”.

Bring a notebook
and a bag lunch. Cost $150 in advance $200 day of.

Questions call 760-471-7304
RSVP today

Location: Private home in San Marcos. Directions will be sent to you
upon reservation.